Holly Receptionist’s mission is to preserve and perpetuate real, meaningful connections in an increasingly technology-focused, virtual world. Creating warm, meaningful connections in every virtual interface serves to support the community of small and medium businesses we call customers. As an extension of our customers teams, Receptionist is one of the most important roles at Holly because, in every interaction, we have the opportunity to build the relationship and trust we cherish with our customers. The voice, tone, and phone demeanor of a Receptionist shapes the experience for callers, ultimately making a direct impact on our customers’ business. From influencing the buying decision of a customer’s potential new clients to brightening the day of a stressed-out caller, Receptionists are the key to Hollys success. 

Requirements and Qualifications

Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to clearly communicate with diverse audiences via phone and email.
Professional and respectful demeanor, contributing to a diverse and vibrant workplace.
Customer service experience in some capacity. Be prepared to share your perspective on what you think makes a great customer experience.
Thrive when multitasking in a technology-driven environment operating at an extremely fast-pace
Able to keep pace with a high-volume of incoming calls, balanced with customer and coworker interactions.
Strong phone skills i.e. diction, active listening
Ability to communicate and interact with a variety of people, both externally with customers and internally with company team members and other departments.
Time management skills.
Outgoing, friendly, compassionate personality.



Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Field incoming calls in a timely manner throughout shift.
Follow call handling procedures and communication “scripts” when handling different contracts
Identify customer questions, complaints, concerns, and overall needs.
Provide sufficient answers and solutions to all customer queries by following protocols.
Handle customer complaints respectfully and professionally.
Maintain professional relationships with customers through ongoing excellent customer service.
Collaborate with call center team members, sales team members, and other company departments to ensure overall customer satisfaction.
Meet or exceed call production key performance indicators, both personally and as a team unit.
Follow all communication procedures, policies, and guidelines during every customer interaction.
Perform duties and responsibilities with our customers’ satisfaction as your number one priority
Team supervisors to enhance the customer experience. Send suggested account or instruction changes to CH in real-time, update customer status in ROS, and be the voice of the customer.
Regularly monitor and respond to emails if assigned. Keep up to date on Holly happenings by proactively checking the client update (Google Docs) regularly for updates and new company updates and information.
Perform any administrative support tasks as assigned by management. 
Attend regular weekly and monthly training sessions

What you’ll be accountable for

Adhering to Holly’s call handling expectations, with a goal of accurately completing 100 + calls per day with a successful call processing rate of 90% or better. 
Answer all incoming calls professionally and in Holly tone, without call abandonment, pushing calls, and limiting personal bias.
Treat callers as an extension of the customer, confidently guiding conversations per call handling instructions.
Provide a reliable caller experience by precisely and consistently following call-handling instructions on every call. 
Take detailed, accurate notes and messages from callers, and own mistakes when they happen. 
Be an engaged member of the Holly Community as guided by Holly Core Values. Promote a positive office culture acting with respect and kindness to coworkers, and take accountability for words and actions.
Maintain accuracy, mindfulness, and strong attention to detail in written communication. Cross T’s, dot I’s, use proper spelling, grammar, and logical message composition. Communicate professionally and with personality.


So, if this sounds like you and you have a passion for helping others, here's how you apply.

Email your resume to

Holly Receptionist is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or any other status protected by federal, state or local laws.