What is the difference between Per Call Pricing vs. Per Minute Pricing?

  • Per Call Pricing 

    • Is a flat rate per call. Each call that comes into our platform is considered a call regardless of the duration time. 

  • Per Minute Pricing 

    • The time the receptionist is on the phone with your callers. Minute plans are charged on a per second basis, we do not round up or down the minutes.


Will my unused minutes or call rollover to the next month?

No, unused monthly minute/call allowance expires each month.

What is a Call Group/Type?
These are the call types that you will receive and how we are able to identify who the caller is and then process the call according to. For example: Let’s say you wanted to know the difference between a New Lead call vs. Current Customer call. 


What are Account Contacts?
These are the individuals that Holly will either be emailing messages and/or transferring calls to. 


What are custom caller questions?
These are specific questions that you would like answered within a call group. For example, for new leads you may want to know an email address or another specific question.. 

Call Routing/Transferring
There are two different types of transferring, a warm transfer and a blind transfer.


  • Warm Transferring

    • Holly will place the caller on hold, call the account contact and give a brief overview of who on the line, leaving them the option to take the call or not.   

  • Blind Transferring 

    • Blind transferring is when Holly transfers the caller to one of the account contacts without announcing who is on the phone. 


What happens at the end of the trial? 

  • The trial will end when you've reached 200 minutes or 2 weeks. If you have not cancelled the service or selected a package,  you will be automatically enrolled in the Receptionist Basic 50 with the current profile selections.